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Buying A Singing Bowl - What You Need To Know


Singing bowls are mainly used for meditation and have become more popular in the West similar to other practices such as Buddhism and yoga. These bowls are used in other countries as offering bowls and not just for playing. You can play the bowl yourself while meditating or you can ask another person to play the bowl. Singing bowls are also used during yoga classes wherein someone will play the bowl while students perform the asanas. The sound from singing bowls are more soothing and relaxing compared to recorded sounds or music played in many yoga classes.


Singing bowls is great to use in the outdoors and also in the privacy of your own home. These also serve as beautiful decorations and ornaments to your home when not in use. Choosing a singing bowl can be difficult as there are many styles, sounds, shapes and ages to pick from. There are antique singing bowls as well as modern ones, that come in small to big sizes and may produce low to high tones. There are two simple factors to consider when choosing a singing bowl - the sound and the size.


The Sound Of Your Bowl


In general, the tone of the singing bowl at this website is oppositely related to its size. Larger singing bowls tend to produce lower or deeper sounds, while smaller-sized bowls give off higher pitched sounds. Each person has his or her own preference when it comes to sounds and tones. In order to choose the best singing bowl, you need to assess what tones are more attractive to you and resonates with you. You can do this by listening to your favorite musical instruments or songs. Many online retailers such as Silver Sky Imports provide recordings of specific bowls to help an individual choose the perfect singing bowl. Remember that a high quality singing bowl produces tones that linger and will sound pure, rich and clear.


The Size Of Your Bowl


As mentioned, singing bowls at www.silverskyimports.com/ are available in different sizes, from 8 inches up to 20 inches in diameter. If you plan to bring your singing bowl while traveling, it is best to opt for a smaller one for better portability. If you have no plans of moving around your singing bowl, a larger one is good and can be placed in a specially designated place in your home. An online retailer like Silver Sky Imports have a wide variety of Himalayan and crystal singing bowls as well as other handmade items and products.